EVR Sling Warranty | Sundrella Outdoor Furnishings

EVR SLING Warranty

5 Year Extended Warranty

Sundrella Outdoor Furnishings will offer sling replacement for a period of 5 years
from the date of purchase on slings that fail in normal commercial use. This
warranty will cover slings that fail due to rips, tears or burns.

At the time of order, Sundrella Outdoor Furnishings will issue a warranty certificate. In order to receive the replacement slings a photo of each damaged sling along with a copy of the certificate and the original invoice must be submitted to your sales representative. Replacement slings will be shipped in 4-6 weeks from approval of warranty claim.

What is not covered:

Normal fading.

Staining or discoloration that can occur due to exposure to the suns ultra violet rays.

Chlorine from swimming pools.

Lotions that are used in sun bathing activities.

Sling material will stretch over time and is also not covered under the ev-R- sling warranty.

Installation or labor for installation.

*Note: Sling repair tool kits are available for purchase to assist with the installation process.